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Daters can get a free one-time consultation and invites to Dating Ring events; a $40 or $80 monthly membership gives them access to more matches and matchmaker support. Early in the night, Kay has a line of eager singles behind her — about half want to tell her they love the podcast, and yeah, they’re interested in matchmaking, too.

The company has been active in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston since 2014; before this week, their Washington presence was only in Start Up listeners’ earbuds. Catherine, 26, has tried the usual online dating networks — OKCupid, Tinder, Hinge.

BI is similar to latewood density as they both reflect the combined hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin content in the latewood cell walls of conifer species and the amount of these compounds is strongly controlled, at least for trees growing in temperature limited locations, by late summer temperatures.

BI not only expresses a strong climate signal, but is also less impacted by site specific ecological influences.

It can be concurrently produced with RW data from images of finely sanded conifer samples but at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional latewood density.

Our study shows that the probability of successfully crossdating historical samples is greatly increased using BI compared to RW.

However, the signal in RW data can be obscured due to site specific ecological influences (natural and anthropogenic) that impact crossdating success.

In this paper, using data from Scotland, we introduce a novel tree-ring parameter (Blue Intensity – BI) and explore its utility for facilitating dendro-historical dating of conifer samples.

” As Carthic, 32, phrased it to me later: “They’re voice-famous.” Kay and Tessler owe their vocal fame to Start Up, the business podcast from Gimlet Media’s Alex Blumberg.

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