Reasons for dating a dancer

They are brainiacs Dancers are found to be exceptionally intelligent who can go toe-in-toe in battle with you with their witty remarks and cogent logic. A team of researchers from Albert Einstein College carried out a thorough survey where mental acuity n senior citizens was studies over 21 years to find out how physical activity affect the mental health.

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There's a good chance your petite new love interest is a "firecracker," as some say, which will make you love her even more.6. The arm on her head makes her like your kid sister, not your lover.9. She is really good at crawling into small places, like the window of your apartment that you're locked out of. It's actually pretty scary to be lost in a crowd of people taller than you, so hang on tight and don't let go.14. So, when you do finally meet her on your first date, do NOT tell her that she looks so much taller in her Instagram photos.

What she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality. It makes her feel like her neck is going to break (note: It was made to support the weight of her pretty little head only, possibly along with a motorcycle helmet, if you're that kind of guy). After all, she can wear the highest heels without looking ridiculous, which she knows makes her tall friends jealous. If you keep things where she can't reach them, she make you get them. And if you do want a romantic night of walking around town, let her know in advance so girlfriend can at least wear a wedge.12. Unlike the tall girl you last dated, you can put her in almost any position you want when you're fooling around. She knows how petite she is, but just because you might be seeing her/learning this information for the first time doesn't mean you need to voice it.

Writing this, I intend to be as unbiased as possible.

I'm putting this in a form of Q&A so I can spare you from reading boring details.

Sara Dray of Live Strong validated this by saying , “Not only does it work all major muscle groups, but it also requires coordination, flexibility and strength …

which means it is good for your body and mind.” They’re attentive Dancers spend a lot of time perfecting every moves from the tip of fingers to the tip of toes, so it is not surprising much that they are also likely to be attentive more, greater observation and have a great memory.

Tahsin Rahman Oshin There is no doubt that there is something awe-inspiring about watching a dancer making his or her ludicrously hard but incredibly sexy moves that too, without breaking off a sweat.

Even though I am a dancer myself, watching these passionate dancers sway their bodies in harmony with sheer elegance and sophistication manages to amaze me every single time.

(Although I do give advice, this isn't a guide on how to date a stripper.) Where do I meet a stripper?

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