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Our results document a wide range of substitution rates across genes and bacterial taxa.This high level of variation cautions against the assumption of a universal molecular clock for inferring divergence times in bacteria.Violation of these conditions can lead to erroneous inferences and result in estimates that are off by orders of magnitude.

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We applied such a refinement to molecular dating in chelicerates, one of the earliest groups of arthropods present in the fossil record, but whose molecular dating has been greatly inconsistent in the literature.

We inferred divergence times using hemocyanin paralogs isolated from We show that extending cross-bracing to uncalibrated nodes greatly reduced variance in estimates of divergence times throughout the phylogeny, particularly for estimated diversification ages of spiders and scorpions, whereas cross-bracing calibrated nodes alone did not affect age estimation for uncalibrated, derived clades.

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When their dating methods say that something lived 30,000 years ago, they sound certain.

And on the basis of these methods, many scientists announce that the Bible's record of history is not accurate.

Because bacteria do not have a robust fossil record, attempts to infer the timing of events in their evolutionary history requires comparisons of molecular sequences.

This use of molecular clocks is based on the assumptions that substitution rates for homologous genes or sites are fairly constant through time and across taxa.

A recent and novel implementation in molecular dating, “cross-bracing”, exploits gene duplications by formally linking calibrated node dates throughout the paralogous subtrees through hierarchical Bayesian models.

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