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Modern western polyamory in its current forms has been around since experimental religious colonies of Quakers and Shakers have given the idea of a "complex marriage" a shot, such as the Oneida colony.

The first Mormons practicing polygamy were close to polyamory, but since the women weren't allowed to take on multiple husbands, most polys will argue that they were not practicing polyamory.

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What all truly polyamorous arrangements have in common — and what makes them distinct from secretive infidelity or "cheating" — is a defining characteristic of the practice: transparency.

Polyamorists believe that their relationships can thrive only in an environment of complete honesty.

There's not a community in the country that hasn't experienced the scandal of extracurricular romance between otherwise ordinary people.

All this begs the question: Is there a functional alternative for those who are not by nature monogamous?

It is also part of the larger umbrella of just non-monogamy which includes certain unethical or questionably ethical activities, such as cheating and polygamy.

Because of the spectra of gender identities, sexualities, physiologies and just general attitudes of individuals, there are multiple forms of polyamory.Being polyamorous as an identity is not exclusive to other sexual/romantic identities — you can be bi and poly, gay and poly, ace and poly, ect.Not everyone who practices polyamoury feels it’s necessary to add the label of polyamorous on to their identity, and that’s okay.The fact is that most twenty-first-century humans have many contradictory impulses that pull us in the direction of inclusive love and simultaneously push us in the direction of jealousy and possessiveness.These opposing forces must be reconciled before we are truly free to love and therein lies one of the biggest gifts polyamory has to offer.Polyamory (not to be confused with polysexuality) is a style or philosophy toward relationships that recognizes that an individual can ethically be involved in more than one sexual or romantic relationship at any given time, as opposed to the socially normative convention of monogamy.

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