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We all have dozens of passwords for work, online bills, shopping accounts, social media accounts and other websites that we need help remembering.

But is Last Pass really the last password we need to remember?

It will also enable people to start watching a show on one device, pause, and pick-up exactly where they left-off on another.

Video on-demand services like Netflix and Prime Video offer similar functionality.

Although you can recover your Last Pass password, they make it very difficult so your password cannot easily land in the hands of a criminal.

Read our Last Pass review to learn the basics and find out why we love this service so much.

Fans of the popular BBC i Player will soon require users to punch in a password if they want to access the online streaming service.

The BBC has confirmed changes which will be rolled out across the UK over the next few week.

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“Nearly two years ago, that journey included moving messages out of the Facebook app and to the Messenger app,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

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