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CU/SU_VPVm Nva I/AAAAAAAAAc0/MZDji4-v IA0/s400/king otto with albanian We find this cloth in two points of Europe: 1. Balkan, where it was used by whole albanian, then greeks, vlachs etc. v=r Gv_LEKg Gew Some similarities can potentially go back a very long way. Now let's see if these people are greeks or Albanians.

Another similarity between scots and albanians is gajde, a musical instrument. v=NTAXn5o8Q4Q&feature=related And here is albanian music with gajde: During Ottoman time Albanians (Arbereshe) fled to Italy, also Kastrioti's family fled to Italy.

id=IJ2s9s Q9b Gk C&lpg=PA11&ots=YIJQPjj PBJ&dq=maliq III culture&pg=PA11#v=onepage&q=maliq III culture&f=false). They belong to two eparchies: to Lungro for Arbëreshë of southern Italy, and that of Piana degli Albanesi for Arbëreshë of Sicily.

This is the period when the Bronze age starts and elite single graves, horses and the whole Indo-European package was introduced. The Bronze Age reached Scotland almost exactly at the same period. Prior to the Ottoman invasion of Albania, the native people in the area of Albania were all called Arbëreshë.

Another option is to go for something with a bit of sweetness like a Riesling.

The Ayler Kupp I posted about is a nice affordable choice.

I love Indian food, especially when paired with a good glass of wine.

So when Mallika wrote on Quick Indian Cooking about matching wines and other beverages with Indian food, I had to add my 2 cents.

Dryer styles provide a nice offset to the spicy food, cleansing the palate a bit before the next burst of flavor.

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