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Cantwell walked us through life as an Ok Cupid moderator and what happens on the side of the Internet most never see. Users can flag a profile and then the profile gets put into what’s basically a queue for the moderators to go through. People report things like, “There’s a picture of their car” and I’m like, “I don’t care if they post a picture of their car, I don’t care what the rules are.” Out of a few dozen, I’d say I’ve only flagged two or three for deletion.What did you have to do to become qualified to be a moderator? I’m not a very active user of the website and all of a sudden they notified me that I had been made a moderator. You mentioned that one of the things flagged was a series of private messages between two users.A man contacted another user, the “flagger," who said she/he wasn’t interested in him because he was too young for her/him.

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Ok Cupid’s arbiters of right and wrong also have access to the profiles of people who were flagged, though not the people doing the flagging.

Ok Cupid did not respond to requests for additional information on how it works with its moderators. There are strict guidelines for profile pictures -- no nudity, it must be of you (no "pets, cars, artwork, etc."), no extreme closeups -- and a predictable set of rules governing good behavior -- no spamming, no hate speech, no harassment, no "commercial solicitations," no “crude, overt sexual remarks" and no threatening messages.

Last year it declined to shut down despite being threatened by hackers with exposing its list of customers.

Hackers later released that list to the general public. Why are they sending nude pictures of themselves, especially when they’re married?

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The site’s tagline is “Life is short; have an affair.” Police reported that on Saturday the man told officers of the attempted extortion after coming clean to his wife.

“He got onto the website and started texting to this supposed girl.

However, it is very common to see plugins that work fine with a new version of Sketch Up, they just haven’t been “marked” as compatible by the plugin author yet.

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