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According to in a leaked letter to an SDLP MP, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, wrote: “If a majority of the people of Northern Ireland were ever to vote to become part of a united Ireland the UK Government will honour its commitment to enable that to happen.” If polls show support for a reunification referendum then the Good Friday Agreement stipulates the UK Government is legally obliged to offer one.It comes after the power sharing agreement at Stormont collapsed on Monday with James Brokenshire, the Northern Ireland Secretary, saying it was “extremely disappointing”.As the military and political defeat of Gaelic Ireland became more pronounced in the early seventeenth century, sectarian conflict became a recurrent theme in Irish history.

The Crown did not attempt to assert full control of the island until the rebellion of the Earl of Kildare threatened English hegemony.

Henry VIII proclaimed himself King of Ireland and also tried to introduce the English Reformation, which failed in Ireland.

Attempts to either conquer or assimilate the Irish lordships into the Kingdom of Ireland provided the initial impetus for a series of Irish military campaigns between 15.

This period was marked by a Crown policy of plantation, involving the arrival of thousands of English and Scottish Protestant settlers, and the consequent displacement of the pre-plantation Catholic landholders.

This is less the heroic assumption as political transitions costs are not necessarily negative, particularly in the case where economic unification is a democratically legitimised event.

For the sovereign state of the same name, see Republic of Ireland.

“We are rapidly approaching the point at which Northern Ireland will not have an agreed budget,” he added. Under the rule of power sharing if the deadlock is not broken and new elections results are inconclusive the UK Government would be expected to take Northern Ireland back under direct rule.

But this move would likely require emergency legislation at Westminster and looks unlikely at this stage at least.

Mr Brokenshire is expected to make a further statement in the Commons on Tuesday, outlining details of how the UK Government intends to foster an agreement to save power sharing at Stormont.

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