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From the perspective of most New Testament scholars, that seminar’s conclusions are radical to the extent of bordering on lunacy.Among many direct criticisms of the American Jesus Seminar for its arbitrary and radical, not conservative, work, examples include Dunn in 2003, so a work which might have been available to Thompson, and the contents of which were abundantly discussed at the SNTS Jesus seminar and informally at SNTS, both before and after it was published.

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In broad terms, these gospels present similar versions of Jesus' arrest, condemnation, death, and resurrection, but the Gospel of John has a markedly different account of earlier events and of the content of Jesus' teaching.

Consequently, the first three are commonly termed the "Synoptic Gospels" because of the ease with which they can be printed in parallel columns as a "synopsis." Matthew and Luke contain versions of the virgin birth of Jesus to Mary (Matthew: shortly before the death of Herod, i.e., 4 ) and Luke includes his visit to Jerusalem at age 12; otherwise only the last period of his adult life is featured (Luke: from age "about 30" on).

) is the usual name for a collection of 27 ancient Greek books concerning Jesus of Nazareth and his earliest followers.

It forms the second part of Christian Bibles following "the Old Testament," which in Protestant Bibles contains the same books as Jewish Bibles but in a different order.

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The Hegesippus evidence is actually addressed in John AT Robinson's "Redating the New Testament." Both Domitian and Nerva were in Rome during 69 and 70 AD, while Vespasian and Titus were campaigning in Palestine.Catholic and Orthodox Christian Bibles have their own orders of "the Old Testament" in which other ancient books are interspersed.Such additional books are sometimes found in Protestant Bibles in a separate section titled "Apocrypha" and placed between the two "Testaments." Thus, whereas the extra books are authoritative for Catholics and Orthodox, for Protestants they have the lower status of informative and edifying material that bridges between the "Old" and the "New." The begins with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, four accounts of the activities of Jesus.Apart from quoting Irenaeus, he [Eusebius] refers to the record of our ancient men ( all probability the Memoirs of Hegesippus) for the tradition that the apostle John also took up his abode once more at Ephesus after his exile under Domitians successor Nerva. 223) Robinson makes no effort to refute this statement accredited to Hegesippus.The authors do not write under those names; the ascriptions come from early Christian traditions.

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