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Progressive may be the apt term, as the planet-themed Planetarium is the kind of overarching conceptual work once considered de rigueur by prog-rockers like Rush and Yes, albeit effected within a modern sonic vocabulary of programmed beats, synthesised electronics, complex horn and string arrangements, and auto-tuned vocals.

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The low, buzzing electronics, horns and autotuned vocal of “Mars”, for instance, are more wary than warlike, eventually giving way to quiet guitar arpeggios and a lyric celebrating “love, peace, forgiveness, and consequence and trust, and patience, affection”.

Elsewhere, a robotic voice informs us that “some say that Jupiter is the loneliest planet”, as the arrangement shifts abruptly between simpatico strings and juddering machine beats, before resolving in a warm swell of Muhly’s horns; Muhly’s sweeping orchestral vista mid-section dominates “Pluto”; and Stevens’ furtive, autotuned description of “Saturn” as a “melancholy creature, paranoid secret” is rudely interrupted halfway through by a brash, bustling beat barging its way in like Donald Trump at a photoshoot.

It’s no secret that actress Nia Long’s name has been heavily dropped in Hip Hop for a while, and she’s been a longtime crush of many. She also recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel, and Kimmel wanted to discuss her honorable Hip Hop mentions as well.

Long previously explained to Larry King that she believed she is mentioned so much in Hip Hop because ‘Boys In The Hood’ came out in the classic and timeless Hip Hop era, and both artists and actors changed the game and gave urban music space to do it’s own thing. While denying being “Becky with the good hair”, she revealed her feelings on being mentioned on Nas’ “Oochie Wally” track.

Another gorgeous chanteuse is rumored to be the latest focus of Drake's love life.

The Canadian serial dater is currently knee-deep in a fling with 19-year-old British singer Jorja Smith, according to a report from The Sun.

Ozzy and Sharon paid off the sum a week after learning about it and owned up to their mistake.

"You have to be on top of your own business affairs," Mama Osbourne tweeted.

One suspects it’s not entirely new ground for him: back in college, Stevens originally taught himself songwriting by methodically composing songs for sequences – days of the week, Apostles, and planets amongst them – so he’s had plenty of time to mull them over.

The results are far from the characterful evocations of Holst’s .

It is based on the best-seller, “Giving the Love that Heals”, by Harville Hendrix, Ph D and Helen La Kelly Hunt, Ph D, and incorporates Imago Relationship Theory, with insights from latest research in neuroscience.

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