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The Tuvan way of making music is based on appreciation of complex sounds with multiple layers or textures.

To the Tuvan ear, a perfectly pure tone is not as interesting as a sound which contains hums, buzzes, or extra pitches that coexist with the main note being sung.

Our ritual implements, and other related items are varied.

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This frequency is clearly audible and gives the tone its pitch.

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Throat singing traditionally was done outdoors, and only recently was brought into the concert hall.

Singers use their voices to mimic and interact with the sounds of the natural world — whistling birds, bubbling streams, blowing wind, or the deep growl of a camel. Although custom and superstition have discouraged women from throat singing, recently this taboo is breaking down, and there are now excellent female throat singers too.

I am glad to share my passion for Asian art with you.

As a long time practitioner of Buddhist meditation practice I have developed a deep appreciation of the religious art of the Buddha.

Dieties for sale include Buddha, Quanyin, Ganesh, Hanuman, Vishnu, Shiva images, plus many others.

Most Buddhas for sale are antique and most are made of bronze.

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