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“House Arrest” Means that he is your servant for the day, no matter where you are and what people are doing.

To this day, make a rigid schedule that would have all his movements occurred under your strict supervision and guidance.

He meets and escorts his lady kneeling with bare ass and slippers in his hands.

Every half an hour, and even more often, reports on the phone about the situation and should seek guidance only.

- Do not worry – I have already approached Verochka and began to pull her to the floor to seat sticking to your comments – now I fuck you both so that will not find it!

Finally she cleverly tucked in my body Verkin slit, and she began skakt me. Marinka settled between my legs and caressed member then mouth, then her hands. Vera sat on my stomach and we started kissing passionately like real lovers. After all, I love you so much, and do not be afraid, my dear, – I whispered to her friend. Returning home, he spends the rest of the evening in a corner of fir cones and nettle leaves, which he collected on the way back to their own briefs, on your instructions. The first few seconds Kovu was in a panic, his vet caught in an assassination attempt on the king. She pressed the button and was free in me, the gun began to increase.

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