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However, much like Karaite Judaism, some Messianics do not accept rabbinic commentary and traditional laws as authoritative where it seems to contradict the Scriptures of the Messianic canon.This, however, is debated and varies from congregation to congregation, or ministry to ministry, and perhaps even issue-to-issue.

Individuals are encouraged to engage in private and corporate study of Torah for instruction in doctrine and righteousness.

The Torah contains the 613 commandments of the Covenant between God and Israel.

For a variety of reasons, some less valid than others, many people in Messianic Judaism have an aversion to celebrating the birth of our Master on the traditional Christian dates of December 25 or January 6.

That aversion has inspired some Messianic communities to celebrate the birth of the Master on an alternate date in conjunction with the festival of Sukkot.

Messianic Jewish theology is the study of God and Scripture from the perspective of Messianic Judaism, a religious movement that fuses elements of Judaism and Christianity and claims to be a legitimate form of Judaism, but is considered by most Christians and Jews to be a form of Christianity.

‣ Gospel of מתתיהו ("Mattityahu"; "Gift of God")/מתי ("Mattay")/"Matthew", ‣ Gospel of Marcus/Μαρκοϲ ("Markos")/"Mark", ‣ Gospel of Lucas/Λουκᾶς ("Loukas")/"Luke", and ‣ Gospel of יהוחנן ("Yehochanan"; "God has been gracious")/יוחנן ("Yochanan")/"John". Stern has produced a Messianic Jewish version of the Bible called the Complete Jewish Bible.

I test the bass side first, to see if anything comes up readily from the cross-dating.

Cross-dating is initially a statistical operation, which calculates the correlation between two ring-series.

A t-value is said to be statistically significant when it exceeds a value of 3.5.

However, at that level, many correlations obtained are not to be relied upon in order to deduce a true relationship.

Many worship leaders will be gathering to lead on other nights and prayer will be held ongoing in the tent throughout the month, 7 days a week.

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