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You’re then matched with singles who have similar answers.”Honestly, he’s right.Some of us do have hair and skin tone preferences when it comes to dating people within our community.The first does a relatively quick lookup to see if there are any eligible promotions for this ASIN or for this customer.

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And like me, as Lianne reached her late thirties, still single and childless, she began to reconsider her more observant lifestyle when she found fewer men who were not put off by her career as a successful internist and/or men she found at her level of sophistication and worldliness.

She began to date non-observant Jewish men, dipping a toe in here and there, until, like me, she realized that secular Jewish men who wanted to marry Jewish women wanted to marry Jewish women who would eat in non-kosher restaurants and go out before the sunset on Saturday nights after the Sabbath ended.

Hey Black man, don’t come into Black women’s spaces and tell us how to tend our garden when you have weeds and trash in yours. You see, we all know that when Black men troll our spaces it really is a smoke screen.

What it tells me is that the chickens have come home to roost.

But that’s what we have now with the recently launched app Smoochr.

Created by Larry Kenebrew Jr., the app boasts that unlike regular dating sites, marketed to Black people, they want to insure that you’re paired with people who you know, before you start chatting, have similar lifestyles and interests as you. According to the website, Smoochr is different because:“On smoochr, you can connect with single of many different black belief systems like Rastafarians, Hebrew Israelites, and people who practice African spirituality.

Some of us have skin tone preferences, so you can search black singles by complexion.

Views lets you answer some serious moral questions that are relative to the black experience.

Dating can be a struggle, which is why the online dating scene exists in the first place.

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