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What neighborhood do you live in and where are your favorite Brooklyn hangouts? The funny thing is that when we’re actually in town, we hardly ever leave, because we spend practically every night of the year going out because we’re on tour. We find ourselves at that place, it used to be called Lulu’s, now it’s called Lost and Found, in Greenpoint — my brother bartends there. No, we’ve been lucky enough so that for the last couple of years we’ve only done the band. It’s your relationship, an artistic endeavor and a small business — is that a challenge? Through some absolute miracle of sorts we still get along, even after spending so much time together. Classically, one of our weirdest ones (but in a really good way) was when we played at an art camp for 8- to 14-year-olds.And for some reason Planet Thai, when we want to go out to eat, is the one restaurant we always want to go to. But we finally got a full-size bed and that was one step toward success. Any other relationship I’ve been in never would have worked out like this. When parents are trying to understand what you mean when you’re in a band and you’re only two people, the White Stripes come up and they say, “Oh, oh, the White Stripes, I know about that.” They really make parents able to understand what a two-person band means. I can’t begin to pinpoint, there have been so many, like 500 shows. We were setting up to play in their auditorium and we just heard this banging at the auditorium doors and I look over at my glass of water and it’s sort of shaking, like a kind of thing and the doors just blow open and 300 little kids come in screaming.The couple’s relationship was confirmed in February 2015, and they’ve been packing on the PDA ever since.

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Paige Chandler — Paige and David Castrohave been dating for a whopping five years, and they’re still going strong!

In fact, they recently celebrated their anniversary.

features a talented group of leading males actors — who also happen to be quite easy on the eyes.

Let’s be honest; part of the reason you watch the show is because you love gawking at the guys (no judgment, BTW).

I don’t know how people can screw up Pad Thai so badly, but around the country there’s a lot of bad Pad Thai, and there it’s always good. We’ve been looking into it for a long time, we just have not actually sealed the deal. I guess we’re both pretty lighthearted and spirited in that way. You’re about to go on tour; where are you most stoked to go? It was intense, they were dancing the whole time, doing conga lines. We do like the Music Hall of Williamsburg and the Bowery Presents people have always been good to us.

I saw a You Tube video where you said you’d consider yourself successful when you had health insurance. One place we’ve never been to before, and have been scheduled to play there numerous times and had to cancel, is Vancouver, British Columbia. I was like, “If anyone wants to come up on stage and dance,” and half of them came up. We’ve really liked doing whatever random spot Todd P. How is , 2006) was people saying, “I didn’t really get this until I saw them live.” And I don’t know why that’s true, but it is.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Brooklyn band Matt & Kim (Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino) ever since we saw the supremely poppy duo cut the sullen swelter of Siren Fest 2007 with their huge smiles and brilliantly goofy stage antics.

Their second album, , drops today and they’re kicking off a new tour Friday at Music Hall of Williamsburg, so we got Matt to answer 10 burning questions (or 11, if you count our special trivia question below). What’s it like being in a couple and playing in a band together?

Approaching the close of their afternoon set at 2013's Bonnaroo Music Festival, Matt and Kim began to fear for the crowd's safety. But their heavy touring schedule is also what delayed the completion of .

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