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that lived most of their lives in and are buried in Ahoskie, Hertford Co. Barry Hayes - 03/22/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford, NC Comments: I am searching for the Bible Records of (a) Jesse Cotton (ca. Agnes Carolyn Foster Marbourg in her book, "Carter Family of North Carolina" (1914). Foster and Susan Agnes Carter (1834-1902), daughter of the aforementioned Perry Carter and Priscilla Warren of Southampton. Rasco - 03/06/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford/Bertie/Chowan SURNAME: ROSCOE/SESSUMS Period of Interest (year): 1750 - 1800 Comments: Need Parents of Catherine or Katherine ROSCOE or RASCOE born about 1774. SESSUMS by whom she had two children, James and George SESSUMS and perhaps others. William WILLIAMS, a Methodist Minister and had three known children: Elizabeth WILLIAMS who married William Chalk and moved to Maury County Tennessee; Mary or Polly WILLIAMS who married Charles Lowell of Tennessee; William or Billy WILLIAMS who married Henrietta Josephine HILL. Also Isma Rascoe who was in Hertford County in 1770 and married the widow Sarah Winborn. 1943 They had 3 children--one was Charles Edward Britt b. cbferguson - 03/24/99 My Email:[email protected] net COUNTY: Hertford SURNAME: ferguson Period of Interest (year): late 1800's Comments: I am looking for any records of Guy Picot Ferguon, Harry Morris Ferguson or Elbert Ferguson, Children of Virgina Bryant Ferguson and Jefferson Davis Ferguson. 1754-1803), (b) Miss Ellen Victoria Carter, daughter of Perry Carter (1803-1866), and (c) Ely Carter (1799-1866), brother of Perry Carter--all of Murfreesboro. 1774/75-before 1830) and grandsons of Isaac Carter II (ca. From one of these sources is a reference to the marriage of a James Carter to a Dollie Cotton. A William and Sarah Rascoe were involved in some litigation with a Jones in Hertford County in the 1750's. 1906 d.1966 Barbara Gregory - 02/21/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Archer/Catus/Weaver Period of Interest (year): 1880 Comments: Joseph B. They had 5 children, including my grandmo Lizzie Catus who m. Craig Park - 03/19/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Park Period of Interest (year): 1823 Comments: I am looking for a genealogical researcher in Hertford County who can help me find information regarding my great-grandfather, Samuel Park, born abt 1823. Any information on these early Hertford County Rascoes would be appreciated. COUNTY: Hertford SURNAME: GATLING Period of Interest (year): 1790-1830 Comments: I have info on the siblings of BRIGGS GATLING (son of WILLIAM COWPER GATLING and cousin of RICHARD J. Craig Park - 03/01/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Park Period of Interest (year): 1820-1850 Comments: I am looking for birth or family records of Samuel Park, born abt. am - 02/27/99 My Email:[email protected]: BRITT/HORNE Period of Interest (year): 1800s Comments: Looking for info on William Robert BRITT who married Elizabeth Johnson on . Possible parents for Goodman are Cherry and Robert HORN. Annemarie Brinkley, Deborah - 02/26/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Britt Period of Interest (year): 1874 Comments: Looking for information on GGrandfather Robert Britt b.

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Would like to know his wife and names of his children etc. Bev [email protected] Vaughn Hendricks - 02/15/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Reynolds Period of Interest (year): 1760 Comments: Looking for the parents of Ezekiel Reynolds b. 1790's to 1810's Comments: 1850 Randolph County GA census lists my gggrandfather, Colsden Watson, as being born in N. As Colsden is an unusual name, I surmise it was his mother's maiden surname. I am looking for a marriage between a Colston woman and a Watson man ca. I already have quite a bit of information regarding the descendency of these people; it is their ancestry that I am more interested in. She married Samuel Bartemus Coggin and died in Franklin, VA.

Bill Bray - 02/07/99 My Email: [email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Colston (Coleston, Colliston, Colsden)/Watson Period of Interest (year): ca. Census shows phonetically similar names of Colston in Hyde and Hertford counties. They had 7 children (listed not in any order): Henning Sykes Charles Everett Sykes Mary Sykes (Cannon) Selma Sykes (King) Maud Sykes (Holt) (Mitchell) Lucy Sykes (Robertson) Valley Maine Sykes (Buhl) Selma Sykes King was my grandmother and she died in 1950.

(2) I would like any information about Winbornes (including any variant spellings of the name)who may have lived in Southampton or Hertford County at any time prior to 1900. Rasco - 03/04/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Rascoe Period of Interest (year): 1750-1800 Comments: Need parents of William and Teagle Rascoe who were in Hertford County by 1769. Have been told that Absolom's father was Benjamin EVANS born about 1742. Gregory, Enoch Gregory or any relatives related to the Gregorys from No. Ava White - 01/14/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Howard Period of Interest (year): 1890's Comments: Searching for info on Gurney Howard, born , died between 19.

(3) I have heard that there may be a native-american connection. (4) I have also found Winbornes who were listed as "free persons of color" in the 1790 census for North Carolina. (5) If anyone has a Winborne family Bible that lists the names Samuel, Carey, Javan, Jacob, Frank, and Fannie (all born in the mid 1800s), among others, I would very much like a copy of the records to help in identifying and tracing my ancestors and will pay any expenses involved in photocopying and mailing this information to me. Septer - 03/27/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: BOZEMAN Period of Interest (year): 1865-1950 Comments: I would appreciate any information about JESSIE BOZEMAN and his wife Gertrude ? Also Alexander Rascoe who was born in Hertford County March 20, 1768. Catus (his son) were Postmasters in Winton for many years.

It was named for Sir George Carteret, one of the 17th century English Lords Proprietor, or for his descendant and heir John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville.

Carteret County comprises the Morehead City, NC Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the New Bern-Morehead City, NC Combined Statistical Area. The first male of English parents born in the current area of North Carolina was John Fulford. 18, 1893, in The New Bern Daily Journal, identified Fulford's grave in a cemetery outside Beaufort, NC, in an area called the Straits, “bricked up with English brick.” In 1971 a survey by the Carteret County Historical Society found such a grave in the Fulford Cemetery off Piper Lane in Gloucester.

Sandra Phelps I am seeking information concerning the Arendel/Arendell/Arrendellfamily of North Carolina. Ed Hallman (My wife's webpage) (Thomaston-Upson County Archives) CHADWICK I would be interested in any information on the Chadwick family of Carteret county, where they came from, earliest arrival, property owned, profession, service in militia, etc. Chadwick CHAPMAN Looking for any Chapman history in Cartaret County between the years 1731-1800. Whittington's first wife, Rhoda(y) bca1822, was sister to Sabra Wade bca1811, and Drucilla Wade bca1809. bca1804, and Elijah Piner bca1806, who were sons of Josephus Piner, Sr. Records show a Nancy Piner born 1792 and a Sarah Piner born 1802. Hope I am right my sister ended up with my Grantor/Grantee List. Does anyone have any lists of really neat books that can elaborate in the history of those canals? 1835, Sidney married for a 3rd time to a John Porter, 4 Sept 1851, she died in 1856 (per her will).

In 1747 Court, John Isler exibited inventory of Isaac Barrono's Estate. I am the son of William, but have been unable to find any information about the parents of Wilson F. Steve Petit Researching family of Habakkuk Russell who died in 1754 in Carteret County, NC.

Carol Matseoane - 03/29/99 My Email:[email protected]: WINBORN(E); WINBURN(E); WENBON Period of Interest (year): 1600 - 1900 Comments: I am searching for elusive Winborne ancestors and relatives who are thought to have migrated between Virginia and North Carolina. 1790's to 1810's - these would be Colsden Watson's parents. KHarrison - 02/05/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Holloman Period of Interest (year): 1700's Comments: Seeking info on HOLLOMANS, KINGS, BAKERS and JERNIGANS from HERTFORD/BERTIE area. DMS - 02/03/99 My Email:[email protected] COUNTY: Hertford SURNAME: WARD Period of Interest (year): 1798 Comments: Francis Ward died 1798. They had children named Harriot WARD, Mary WARD, Elizabeth , Francis Jr. I particularly would like anything about the Rawlses. Brenda Evans - 01/19/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: EVANS Period of Interest (year): 1770-1820 Comments: Researching Absolom EVANS born about 1774 in Hertford County. Ava White - 01/14/99 My Email:[email protected]: Copeland Period of Interest (year): 1862 Comments: Searching for info on Mary Copeland Collins, born ,(died ) married to William Harrison Collins ("Rick") in 1883. Marcia Bourdeau - 01/12/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: BRICKELL/BRICKLE Period of Interest (year): 1700s Comments: Seek info on any John Brickell in the Hertford area, 1700s.

(1) Can anyone tell me the history of Winborne Mills in Southampton County, VA? Barbara Gregory - 02/21/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Lang & Reid Period of Interest (year): 1880 Comments: Looking for info on ancestors of African Amer Lang & Reid families in Hertford Co. Harriet Collins, maybe 1860 and had Tulie Reid Lang b 1882, who married Nathaniel Lang. Beverly Spencer - 02/21/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: BEVERLY Period of Interest (year): 1800-1840 Comments: I am interested in finding out more about the Benjamin BEVERLY on the 1820 Hertford Co. Was he the same Benjamin mentioned in the will of Benjamin BEVERLY who died in Marlboro Co. Moved to Grainger County, Tennessee by 1820, where son Jesse was married in 1825. gregory - 01/14/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: GREGORY Period of Interest (year): 1875-1998 Comments: Seeking info on the African-American family of George W. They had 8 children, Rhoda, Elsie, Wheeler, Lugenie, Lucy, Lethia, Cecil and Abscilla. Knox Martin - 01/13/99 My Email: [email protected]: Hertford, Southampton SURNAME: SMITH, COGGIN Period of Interest (year): 1850 to Present Comments: Looking for information on Elijah SMITH, father of Lula Britton Smith Coggin (b. There were several, and I am trying to separate them.

Some branches of this family later migrated to both Mississippi and Texas.

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