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Clark, the former Los Angeles County prosecutor on the O. Simpson murder case in the '90s, has been thrown back into the public eye this year because of FX's .The most recent episodes have centered on Clark (played by Sarah Paulson) and her brutal portrayal in the press during the case, forcing Clark to relive a part of her past when every piece of her life was dissected, from her hairstyle to her parenting skills.

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But one story line that still has people fixated is whether or not she and her co-counsel hooked up while they were working together. And when the host pressed on, Clark added, "We did take a trip to the Bay Area!

See more of Entertainment's top stories on Facebook "You and Chris Darden: No one really knew you had some kind of romantic [relationship]. (Richard Winton)"It didn't seem that way to me," Clark replied. " It's official: Sarah Paulson has confirmed and even elaborated on her romance with veteran actress Holland Taylor. Simpson," opened up about her relationship with Taylor in an interview with the New York...

When Shelby asks the former vice president why she isn’t ready to “just do the right thing” in regard to the show’s pressing terrorist problem, Claire replies, “Because I wasn’t elected. But while we get more puzzle pieces, I don’t think we’re to know exactly what’s up with the rogue faction just yet. Because if I’m missing something big, I want you to tell me in the comments.) Read on for the highlights of “JMPALM.” PERSEVERATING POTUS | Let’s start with that present storyline, shall we?

America elected a half-as-qualified man with next to no experience, a man who’s never stood for anything, who’s never served this country and rolled over out of fear when a terrorist demanded it.” It’s a strong moment in the present timeline, and I hold onto it with both hands, because I seriously have no idea what else happens in that timeline this week. Alex and Miranda drive into the terrorists’ zone, via a service road that the hacker from a few episodes back digitally erased from every single map in existence. Haas needs Shelby to disavow the white paper she wrote about the AIC, because it’ll look like President Haas created the group on purpose (though she didn’t).

DESPERATE Housewives star Marcia Cross will reveal she is a real-life lesbian — by posing for a gay mag.

The redhead, who plays uptight mum-of-two Bree Van De Kamp, is in a long-term relationship with a brunette actress from another top US show."It didn’t seem that way to me." De Generes, however, is not deterred: "Did y'all make out?where Marcia Cross’ now-President Claire Haas delivers a monologue that Hillary Clinton herself has probably muttered to herself while walking the woods of Chappaqua. In Thursday's episode of "The Ellen De Generes Show," the famed O. Simpson murder trial prosecutor addressed the long-running rumors that she and fellow prosecutor Christopher Darden had something going on during the trial of the century two decades ago. Clark is finding herself back in the spotlight because of FX's miniseries "The People v. (In another "Ellen" appearance, the actress said the show is giving Clark "the attention that was probably due her at the time but people were believing what was being fed to them: that she was sort of a shrewd, ambitious bitch.") Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. Simpson,” which focused on the trials and tribulations of prosecutor Marcia Clark, who found herself on trial in the court of... It’s a message familiar to many and an attitude fully embraced by the most recent episode of "American Crime Story: The People v. (Libby Hill)Clark, 62, who was weary of the show when it was in development because she "really didn't want to relive the nightmare of the whole thing," has had a redemptive narrative arc in the show thus far. Simpson: American Crime Story," in which she's been sympathetically portrayed by "American Horror Story" alum Sarah Paulson. Simpson,” which focused on the trials and tribulations of prosecutor Marcia Clark, who found herself on trial in the court of..."You were treated so badly," De Generes tells her, "and I don't think they would ever treat a man the way they were treating you." After reading tweets of support for Clark from viewers, De Generes also asks about the rumored relationship between Clark and fellow prosecutor Christopher Darden (played by Sterling K.

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