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Please submit any bug reports or feature requests by creating issues on the Git Hub page for PHP Mode. PHP Mode may work with older versions of Emacs but this is not guaranteed.

Fontification behaves properly for namespaces as well, so that code like will search the PHP website for documentation on the word under the cursor.

However, if you have a local copy of the PHP documentation then PHP Mode will try searching that documentation first. etc in the notation called tag, look at list of tags defined by php Documentor2.

The Associated Press (AP) news agency quoted Ana Portela as telling local radio station El Espectador that the train was moving when "somebody slipped and fell under the locomotive, and others were falling alongside it.""There were shouts and somebody yelled 'My arm!

'" Ms Portela said."Everybody was in a state of shock."Graciela Baccino, a spokesperson for Channel 10 television, said the tragedy was "deeply saddening".

Local police and authorities have declared three days of mourning while the entire area is in a state of shock and disbelief.

Participants in the TV show, called A Challenge to the Heart, raise money for local charities by doing difficult tasks devised by the network, sort of a "Fear Factor" for charity.

This time the task involved moving a railroad train a set distance down railway tracks.

One of the laws of physics is that," An object, especially a heavy object, once in motion tends to stay in motion." Apparently the grade or incline was down hill at some point and once moving, the train plowed into the "stunt men".

This laid the foundation for incorporating some of the inherit IDE-ish features of Emacs, such as CEDET, EDE, and Semantic.

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