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The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that high-risk pools that existed in the decades before the ACA took effect in 2014 "covered just a fraction of the number of people with pre-existing conditions who lacked insurance, due in part to design features that limited enrollment."What's more, these programs "typically excluded coverage of services associated with pre-existing conditions for a period of time and charged premiums substantially in excess of what a typical person would pay in the non-group market," the report stated.That was true of Wisconsin's high-risk pool, according to The Wisconsin State Journal.


I converted poisdate to %tc using the following: format poisdate %tc DDmon CCYY But that still leaves some compatibility issues with the two date formats.

I don't need the time component of the poisdate variable, only the date component is sufficient for the research purpose.

This factsheet discusses laws that designate the groups of professionals that are required to report cases of suspected child abuse and neglect. While every attempt has been made to be as complete as possible, additional information on these topics may be in other sections of a State's code as well as agency regulations, case law, and informal practices and procedures.

Introduction Professionals required to report Reporting by other persons Institutional responsibility to report Standards for making a report Privileged communications Inclusion of the reporter’s name in the report Disclosure of the reporter’s identity Summaries of State laws This publication is a product of the State Statutes Series prepared by Child Welfare Information Gateway.

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Scott Walker (R) expressed openness to the idea of eliminating an Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) mandate that required insurers to cover patients with pre-existing conditions."That's something we certainly would consider," Walker said at a press conference.RCGM fosters the promotion of self-esteem, skill-building and critical thinking skills for girls and gender non-confirming youth through collaborative music composition and performance.We supplement the music component of RCGM with workshops based on feminist and anti-oppression frameworks that provide campers with a space for critical examination and empowerment."It depends on the conditions, and again, what's in the House bill could be very different than what's in the Senate bill and what finally comes to the president.So I'm going to wait till I see what's in the final version."If the GOP health care plan to repeal and replace Obamacare goes through, states would be allowed to decide whether people with pre-existing conditions were guaranteed equitable coverage or be placed in high-risk pools, which are state-funded insurance programs for people who are turned down by insurance companies.For instance: caseid MAdate poisdate 3.880e 11 01oct2015 16may2013 9.022e 11 01oct2015 09nov2015 I want to create a dummy for if poisdate occurred after MAdate.

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