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God has high standards for his dearly loved people, quite different from the standards of our culture.Here are additional observations to consider: The Bible does not explicitly answer your “How far is it acceptable to go?The list is constantly updated, and affirming churches can contact the site owner to add their own address in the list.

Many affirming churches are spread not only in the US, but also in Asia and Europe.

Below is a list of links that can help gay Christians find the right affirming church for them: Affirming Christian Church Directory: this web page contains a list of affirming churches across the world, from the US, Europe, Asia, and even Africa.

The only difference is that it is a 100% free christian dating service.

Being a Christian can sometimes be difficult, but being a gay Christian can prove to be more complicated.

Whether you want to pay for FF is entirely up to you and FF costs only a fraction of what other Christian singles sites costs. Even most basic functionality and email can be used for free!

This site has been in existence since 2002 and the team behind FF has over 10 years of experience. Then why not mingle with all the other registered Christian singles on FF?

Fortunately, more and more support groups are emerging and are going out of their way to accept gay Christians for who they are.

Find an Affirming Church Churches that welcome gay Christians into their congregation are termed as gay-affirming, or simply affirming, churches.

” kind of question largely because our culture’s style of courtship was not prevalent in Bible times.

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