Louis ck dating pamela segall

also carries a more surprising, if less reported, distinction: It’s the first FX comedy ever to feature a woman as the sole lead.

I’m sure everyone who watches remembers squirming as we saw Louie trying to get a kiss from Pamela — by chasing her around his apartment, physically blocking her, and finally pinning her in a corner and planting one on her as she tries to push him off.

To just about everyone who watched, the scene played out as sexual assault, regardless of Louie and Pam’s relationship before or after that moment.

And in the scene, Pam even says to Louie, “This would be rape if you weren’t so stupid,” and “God, you can’t even rape well.” C. has defended the scene; “We thought it was funny when we shot it,” — but has hindsight change the comic’s take? The comic and actor disagrees with using that term to describe the scene, saying: More interesting is the evolution of co-star, Adlon’s comments.

Back in July, the actress said she “never saw it like that [rape],” and referred to the scene (as does Louis C.

It’s a very fruitful, creative, nurturing partnership.

Did you always feel that Louis would become such a huge phenomenon?"You're allowed to have a life on the side, and everybody's allowed to have redemption," she says now."I'm very proud of all the shows I've done.K.) as part of the push and pull of Louie and Pam’s relationship.But now she isn’t quite so defensive of the way the scene played out. K.; the pilot was the first female-driven series picked up by the cabler.

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