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It consists of 26 cantons with Bern as the seat of the federal authority.

Lots of uncertainty over the months since camera, sound and infrared light were installed, but now, with the owls committing, we go live.

The pair of Great Horned Owls who have claimed this former eagle’s nest as their own have been seen in and around the nest since late October. We expect the first egg will hatch sometime around the end of the month. Some “delicious” courting activity has been captured on video, scroll down to have a look, and even further down to get a feel for the installation, and its ups and downs.

The Alps constitute about one third of the Swiss territory and are of great importance both historically and geopolitically.

Nowhere in Europe are as many mountains higher than 4.000m – 73 mountains, 19 of them at the border to Italy.

On Thursday, we noticed a crack in one of the eggs. At this point, the second egg hasn't begun to hatch.

We'll keep an eye on it throughout the weekend.If you scroll down, you’ll see Tim’s archival footage showing the nest being checked out early on — by one eagle.And Landings residents often reported spotting an eagle in a nearby perch at the edge of the salt marsh, a favorite spot in past years.The Alps also form an important central European climate and water divide.Most of the Swiss tourism takes place in the Alpine regions.It has served to protect the island and its residents from many storms over the past 100 years and it is also a great place to enjoy the beachfront!

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