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All facets of life seem to include videos of some kind.

Social media feeds feature videos from family and friends or possibly that “killer product or service” everybody has to have. Like The Right Stuff, Richard Dean Anderson’s Mac Gyver and Tang, these are concepts only understood by engineers of a certain...

The former Rivers Angels FC of Port Harcourt forward, who was called Iyabo in his days with the Super Falcons, said he felt like committing suicide severally in the past before the then minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) intervened and bankrolled the first phase of the corrective surgery he underwent in the USA, which gulped N8.5 million.“It is not easy to live with the trauma of being a hermaphrodite, especially if you are not somebody with a strong mind.

I can understand that hermaphrodites are a result of sin.

But if homosexuality is wrong then what moral basis does a hermaphrodite or "its" parents have for selecting a gender.

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