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You need to retain financial and other records for 6 years following closure.

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Cayman entities should confirm their classification for the purposes of CRS.

All Financial Institutions (whether Reporting or Non-Reporting) must appoint persons authorised to correspond with the tax authority and making an initial notification by 30 June.

If you are a sole trader the process is quite straightforward.

You simply cease trading and inform your clients and suppliers that you are no longer in business.

If you owe debts to creditors you are personally responsible for those debts.

You can find out more in our document on problem debt.Second, the funds can make no claim to superiority over the market averages, which are in a sense investment trusts with fixed portfolios; e.g., the stocks composing the particular “average.” They state, rather, that their performance must be judged against what the individual could have done at the same cost over the same period, with the same objectives as has a given fund.Third, it is evident that the open-end investment company cannot attain perfect fulfillment of all the objectives stated below, but makes available the most adequate combination of facilities for the individual investor; that is, it offers the package with the greatest total amount of management, diversification, income, liquidity, and dollar appreciation.All Reporting Financial Institutions must also review any delegation of their responsibilities, adopt written policies and procedures and submit reports which are due by 31 July.This advisory summarises the core requirements for Reporting and Non-Reporting Financial Institutions; addresses certain common misconceptions; and recommends practical steps to ensure compliance.It is expected that CRS will be enforced in Cayman in a disciplined and systematic manner.

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