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The Committee issues an advertisement in the major newspapers : “We’ve uploaded the draft DTC code on our website so if anyone got problem or suggestion, send it by ordinary post or meet us in person because our fax machine is not working and our Secretary forgot the Gmail password. Vodafone: Adding insult to the injury, the GAAR rule says, “It shall be presumed that tax-avoidance is the main purpose of a business deal, unless otherwise proved by the taxpayer.” What the hell man??

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One endorsement on the red banner across the site reads “I have found my soulmate on Left-Wing Dating. ” If you are unsure about how to make the first move there is a list of “key dates”, including TUC demos and the Friends of the Earth conference.

Some 13 million people are signed up — that’s more than the eight million who voted Labour at the last general election.

Ok, This year we need to collect 8 lakh crores to finance our bogus schemes and other “Royal” Expenditures such as luxury foreign vacation trips of Pratibha business-class Air-tickets for Sharad et al.. Only one part remains: Our Department must have the power to take action against these folks who use tax-havens for making business deals. Both gentlemen watch Tarak Mehta kaa Ooltaa Chashma on SAB-TV and write the GAAR rules for India in between the advertisement breaks.

I’ve told the custom and excise Department to collect 3 lakh crores in indirect taxes, and you get me the remaining 5 lakh crores from direct taxes. IT Commissioner (To Pranab): Sir, I’ve finished drafting the DTC and included GAAR In it. Pranab tables the Direct Tax Code-2010 bill in parliament.

It’s a nightmare scenario for the committed Left-winger.

You finally find someone you can imagine settling down with and, miraculously, they like you too. Then you discover their widely differing views on taxation.

Special forces, armed with machine guns, were even called to the scene.

The G20 summit of leaders of 20 of the world's biggest economies started on Friday in Hamburg.

Police moved in at midnight, deploying armoured ploughs and water cannons.

Photographs from the neighbourhood also show special forces at the scene carrying semi-automatic guns.

Shortly after that, I check and learned no, batteries should not be refrigerated or frozen. Because of cooking heat, the last two were slightly above room temperature, both summer and winter, for the duration.

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