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The 50-year-old woman had just left Celestial Church of Christ on Tuesday evening, just after 11pm, when she was approached by two young men on 150th Street as she walked to the Jamaica subway station. "'They two men called over three other guys nearby to join them before they forced her to strip naked in the street and demanded she perform oral sex on them.They allegedly led her at gunpoint back down the block to 150th Street and Beaver Road where they attacked her behind a garbage truck demanding her wallet. She claims she tried to scare them away by saying she was HIV-positive - which she is not - but that didn't even frighten them.

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cookbook has also studied physics alongside Stephen Hawking and built software with Bill Gates.

When asked to speak at TED in 1997, Myhrvold chose to not to talk about innovation or cuisine, but about dinosaur sex. By the age of 23, he was working on his postdoc in quantum physics with Stephen Hawking.

Not only does he have a favorite kind of dinosaur--it's the sauropod--he's also contributed to the literature of palaeontology and gone on archaeological digs, discovering a record number of T-Rex fossils. The real ones are in the Smithsonian.) Myhrvold earned dual master’s degrees and a Ph. "Basically, we were trying to understand the fundamental structure of space and time," he says. Myhrvold became the company's first chief technology officer, and he stayed on for 14 years, the longest he's ever been at any job.

"And where the universe came from." Curious to experience the world outside of academia, he took a three month leave of absence to found a software startup with a friend. His reflections on "the PC revolution" manage to sound simultaneously inspiring and like an advertisement: "It was a magic time because...

Lentz said his whole purpose of going to the store was to leave the sex toys.

Employees at Books-A-Million said there had been several incidents where Lentz left the items in the Religious section of the store.

Lentz was observed on video leaving the items in the Religious section of the store.

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