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Initially, Al Manar would broadcast only five hours per day.

Shortly before the 1992 election, it began broadcasting regular news bulletins in order to help Hezbollah attain more votes and spread its message to more people.

I picked up a few bags to bring home and it’s fun to choose your own from the dozens of nuts and seeds they offer. Good thing they didn’t weigh me on the way out, because I’m pretty sure I ate as much as I bought.

And now, I’m officially just as hooked as the Lebanese are.

They weren’t my favorite, nor were the tiny, green underripe plums, which were too sour for my taste.

Interestingly, they also sold tubs of both at the airport as well.In 1993, the station expanded its broadcasting to seven hours a day and extended its signal to the southern part of the Bekaa Valley.Ahead of the 1996 Lebanese parliamentary elections, additional antennas were erected in Northern Lebanon and throughout the Mount Lebanon range, so that the station could be viewed not only in Lebanon, but also in western Syria and northern Israel.Approximately 50 stations were forced to close at the time.Several stations appealed the government's decision, but only four of them were finally granted licenses, one of which was the leading Arab Site for Arab dating, Arab marriage, Arab singles, and Arab friendship.

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