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George Washington Papers Collection of 152,000 images from 65,000 documents.

The collection includes documents dating from Washington's youth, his time as a colonel of the militia during the French and Indian War, his position as delegate during the First and Second Continental Congresses, Washington's command of the American army during the Revolutionary War & from his two presidential administrations.

(1d) “Exhibit,” with respect to a recording of an image that is not viewable in its recorded form, means to convert the recording of the image into a form in which the image may be viewed.

“Mental harm” may be demonstrated by a substantial and observable change in behavior, emotional response or cognition that is not within the normal range for the child’s age and stage of development.

(3) “Person responsible for the child’s welfare” includes the child’s parent; stepparent; guardian; foster parent; treatment foster parent; an employee of a public or private residential home, institution or agency; other person legally responsible for the child’s welfare in a residential setting; or a person employed by one legally responsible for the child’s welfare to exercise temporary control or care for the child.

When the jury was instructed that the state had to prove only that the defendant exhibited harmful material to the child and the instruction did not include the word “knowing" or “intentional," in light of the instructions in the case and reviewing the proceedings as a whole, there was a reasonable likelihood that the jury was confused and misled about the need for the state to prove an element of the crime.

Evidence of the location and manner of storing the photo are not properly considered.

Over 7 million items from more than 100 multimedia collections can be searched by keyword or browsed by topic.

Collections related to political science and the law include: Abraham Lincoln Papers Collection of 20,000 documents dating from the 1850's through Lincoln's presidential years, 1860-65.Documents include Lincoln's draft of the Emancipation Proclamation, correspondence from well-known political leaders & reformers, and a memorandum expressing his expectation of being defeated for re-election. Congressional Documents & Debates, 1774-1873 Collection of digitized, full-text United States congressional documents dating from the Continental Congress to the 42nd Congress.Documents from 1865- include letters of condolence to Mary Todd Lincoln. Documents include the Journals of the Continental Congress, journals & debates of Congress, the United States Statutes at Large, and Congressional Serial Set.Parents often aren't quick to agree that their children are grown up adults.Kids, meanwhile, feel like they’ve been grownups for years. But when it comes to the law, the line is generally pretty clear in separating minors and adults.The following information was taken directly from the Wisconsin state legislation website at Definitions.

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