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Several South Korean victims, including at least six of the women who sued the South Korean government, said they will reject payments offered from the foundation.Under the December agreement, described by both governments as "irreversible", Japan pledged to fund the foundation to help support the victims.


(Reuters) Japan agreed to set up a $8.3 million fund to support 46 surviving South Korean women whom the Japanese military had taken as sex slaves -- so-called “comfort women” -- during World War II.

Historians estimate that the Japanese army coerced as many as 200,000 women and girls from occupied countries into sexual slavery, including in South Korea. (Whether it actually will mark the end remains to be seen -- this isn't the first time Japan has offered official apologies or compensation.) The agreement underscores how difficult it is for parties to find common ground over paying for historical injustices.

The countries described the agreement as a "final and irrevocable resolution" to a dispute that has tattered relations between the U. Monetary reparations are a common way to level the scales between two parties following a historic or moral injustice.

Since World War II, Germany has paid nearly $90 billion of reparations to Israel and Jews for stolen property and other atrocities, and it has continued to face claims for payments into this decade.

On December 28, 2015, South Korea and Japan reached a historic agreement in which Tokyo apologized for its colonial-era crimes, providing 1 billion yen ($9.6 million) for a foundation that aims to offer support to surviving victims, according to The Korea Herald.

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