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Our brilliant leader, Eric Mun, is happily dating what must be a great woman for catching the attention of our special man and that woman is none other than the model, Na Hye Mi.

Apparently they've been keeping it on the low radar since 2014 and have finally agreed to make it official!

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News about the marriage surprised fans as Yoochun is currently completing his military service and will be discharged in the last week of August.

After the reports came out, C-Je S issued a statement to confirm that Yoochun’s marriage will happen in the fall.

I'm 1000% honest when I say, I'm unbelievably happy.

When I read about it, I was so surprised and I had unconsciously the biggest smile on my face. Eric is a man of his words, a loyal, dedicated, hard working person who cares greatly about others and their happiness before his own.

Eric debuted in Shinhwa in 1998 along with Kim Dong Wan, Lee Minwoo, Andy Lee, Shin Hyesung and Jun Jin.

I've come back with probably the biggest updates I've done in a while.

I'm sure you all are excited to read about this so let's get to it!

─── ⊱I was partially sleeping when my phone started buzzing non stop, I was honestly worried about what could've happened only to be met with the greatest news I've heard for the past couple of years after their latest comeback announcement.

The two met last year through an acquaintance and started their relationship by end of 2016. Meanwhile, Shinhwa’s Eric also announced his upcoming wedding set on July 1.

“I met a long life caring friend of mine, and I will be having a quiet and respectful marriage with my family and friends in a church on July 1, 2017,” said Eric in an announcement posted on Shinhwa’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

2017┗━━━━━━━❈✦❀✦❈━━━━━━━┛° ° °After a long period of being hardly active, due to university and well, carving teeth, you know the normal everyday stuff.

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