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Among other things the economic crisis meant reduced sales in kiosks, which is part of a circus' revenue base.On the other hand the cost of running the circus showed an upward trend. It is used both for trucks and for heating of tents at the beginning and end of the season.

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The Ting Tings have come a long way since their 2008 breakout hit "That's Not My Name." The English indie pop duo (comprised of Katie White and Jules De Martino) made their debut in Manila as one of Wanderland 2017's co-headliners alongside The Temper Trap earlier this month.

can exclusively reveal the legendary Prince will play a one-off invitation only event in Dubai THIS WEEK.

3 large circuses: Circus Arena, Circus Benneweis and Circus Dannebrog, a medium sized circus: Circus Baldoni and 3 dog and pony-shows (what Americans call high grass circuses): Circus Arli, Circus Krone (a Danish circus having the same name as the large German Circus Krone) and Circus Mascot.

Economically, the season was for most circuses probably fairly acceptable, but certainly no cause for cheering roar.

Full summary » | Full synopsis » Argentina:13 | Australia: M | Austria:10 | Brazil:10 | Canada: PG (Ontario) | Denmark:11 | France: Tous publics | Germany:12 | Iceland:12 | India: UA | Ireland:12A | Italy: T | Japan: G | Malaysia: P13 | Mexico: A | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand: M | Norway:11 | Peru: Apt | Philippines: PG-13 | Portugal: M/12 | Russia:12 | Singapore: PG | South Korea:12 | Spain:7 | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:12 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:12 (canton of Vaud) | UK:12A | USA: PG-13 (certificate #46601)Both, Martin Sheen and Andrew Garfield played roles in work written by Aaron Sorkin before.

See more » I admit that I too didn't exactly get that excited when I heard that this was in the making.

L’autre single produit par Switchflicker, "Great DJ," sort en mars 2008, suivi de "That's Not My Name," qui se hisse au somment des hit-parades du Royaume-Uni en mai 2008, mois également marqué par l’apparition de leur premier album, We Started Nothing.

gives the play-by-play in a Saturday feature on the band, detailing how they spent nine months recording in a German jazz club, only to get spooked after a visit by label executives.

However, when I watched it, I got a whole other impression. The atmosphere was great, and perhaps a little darker than the Sam Raimi movies at times. I really didn't like Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man that much. If you wonder if you should see this or not, at least give it a chance.

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