John corbett dating bo derek

far away from Tinsel Town, where he has never really had the desire to fit in.

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It's hard to imagine two such sweet and personable stars as Bo Derek and John Corbett ever needing help finding love.

But as it turns out, 13 years ago, both were single and looking when they met. That's right, Derek and Corbett were introduced by a Hollywood agent playing matchmaker.

He was born on 9th May 1961 which makes his age 55. After that, he played his first significant role in TV drama called The Wonder Years. His first album was released in 2006 and later in 2013 he released his second country music album.

He started his acting career by acting in television advertisements.

And at the ASCAP Awards [in Nashville], I knew more people there than at any Hollywood event,” Corbett tells The Boot.

“I feel more comfortable in this industry than I do in my first industry.Vardalos and Corbett don’t look like they’ve aged a day since the first film.Self-deprecating and warm, Vardalos is slender and petite and looked great in a short, greenish cocktail dress.Bo Derek (born Mary Cathleen Collins; November 20, 1956) is an American film and television actress, movie producer, and model perhaps best known for her breakthrough role in the 1979 film 10.The film also launched a bestselling poster for Derek in a swimsuit, and subsequently she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1980s.EXCLUSIVE It’s taken 14 years but Nia Vardalos has finally made the follow up to her hit rom-com.

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