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In 2001, Brazier took part in the Channel 4 reality television show Shipwrecked, in which he and fifteen other people had to stay on a tropical island without any creature comforts.

This series was noted for a number of conflicts and factional squabbles during which Brazier appeared to be an amiable and conciliatory figure.

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She added: ‘Found the perfect viewing spot for @jeffbrazier.’ SEE JEFF BRAZIER’S CUTE HOLIDAY SNAPS!

If that wasn’t cheeky enough, a mirror in the background of the shot revealed Jeff’s peachy, boxer-clad bum!

Edd China is stunned when Mike Brewer shows him his latest purchase, an unroadworthy VW Beetle, and decides to turn it into a beach buggy Bond Bug Series 7 - Episode 7 of 10 Mike Brewer searches for the Bond Bug, a three-wheeled 1970s British sports car, hoping that if he can acquire one his expert mechanic Edd China can make it roadworthy once more Scream Clean Series 1 - Episode 1 of 52 The story of teenager Luke Watson with the werewolf gene, who has been transferred to Scream Street to live alongside zombies, vampires, mummies, witches and monsters Digging Deeper Series 1 - Episode 4 of 26 The object Will and Ant are retrieving from the deepest part of the ocean is not what they expected - and now there is a stowaway on the Aronnax trying to take control of it Atrocious Artists Series 7 - Episode 4 of 15 A look at the work of some of history\'s greatest artists, from the first images painted onto the walls of caves through to Chris Ofili\'s work with elephant poo Mind-bending egg-cupping, unicycle golfing, domino ding dong Series 6 - Episode 13 of 15 Today\'s show features world record attempts from an incredible contortionist; a pair of martial artists who can smash wood mid air, and upside down; and a unicycling trick golfer!

Plus there is a nail biting domino rally competition; and we send a record breaker into the gunge tank The Show and Tell Badge Series 1 - Episode 18 of 52 The big dog has something interesting to show the squirrels, but it is a bit prickly, so they go off into the garden to find their own things to show and tell Not My Patch Series 1 - Episode 11 of 30 The children learn about taking responsibility as they help to tidy up mess on the estate, and try to bring new life to a barren patch of ground outside Flo\'s cafe Up from the Depths - Part One Series 2 - Episode 6 of 26 Part one of two.

But she got very personal on social media this week when she revealed how he catches up on TV…

Taking to Instagram, Kate shared a snap of Jeff, 37, laying on the floor and staring up at a phone lodged in between her bare legs!Kate recently opened up about the challenges of being step mum to Jeff’s sons Bobby and Freddy, from his relationship with the late Jade Goody.Alongside a cute drawing by one of the boys, Kate explained: ‘I would be lying if I said there wasn’t occasions when living full time with someone else’s (teenage! But then one of them does something like this and it all makes sense.’ THE LATEST CELEBRITY NEWS TV presenter Jeff has spoken in the past of wanting to have a child with Kate, and even confessed he’s already picked out a name! Online: ‘A little girl called Isabella – the name’s there.Starring Emily Procter Series 2 - Episode 7 of 10 Comedians Russell Kane and Lolly Adefope join team captains Steve Mc Neil and Sam Pamphilon for some competitive gaming, courtesy of Ghosts `n\' Goblins, Lemmings and Tricky Towers Series 2 - Episode 7 of 10 Comedians Russell Kane and Lolly Adefope join team captains Steve Mc Neil and Sam Pamphilon for some competitive gaming, courtesy of Ghosts `n\' Goblins, Lemmings and Tricky Towers Branching Out Series 1 - Episode 2 of 2 Part two of two.The story of the volunteers who restored some of Britain\'s standard gauge railways continues, revealing how they brought disused lines back to life Alexander the Great Series 1 - Episode 10 of 14 The lesser-known side of Alexander the Great, who conquered the world by the time he turned 25 - but it is believed he could have been intoxicated during much of his reign Beetle to Buggy - Part One Series 2 - Episode 11 of 12 Part one of two.After just three months of dating, they found out she was pregnant with Bobby.

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