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Bevin looks fabulous now (not unexpected at all) and is a fitness instructor.

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[Franco] was able to sneak into my life and give me guidance, basically, when I was going through a hard time. What do you and Franco do together when you’re not working?

James and I are both really workaholics, so normally we do projects that are fun that involve work.

He has over 15 years of experience simulating reactive fluid flows in various environmental and man-made systems.

He has particular expertise in radionuclide and chlorinated solvent flow and transport in groundwater and fractured rock systems.

“Arthur Rimbaud had sex with men,” Haze says of his favorite poet, “and he’s one of the guys who shaped me hugely when I was young.” AVC: What kind of head space was Scott Haze in during shooting? JF: [Laughs.] Scott is one of the best things about the film, obviously, if not the best thing about it. “I thought, at the end of the day, we’d have a great movie and James and I would hug each other and say we did it.” Haze said.

You may have thought that there was only double trouble when it came to the Scott brothers, twin stars of HGTV's Property Brothers. Or maybe you've even seen him doing his part as a global ambassador for World Vision alongside his brothers.So we’ll throw events at my theater, we’ll go do a play together, we’ll go play paintball naked with real paint. From Haze’s perspective, Franco’s artistic predilections don’t necessarily stem from queer desire so much as a need to emulate his tireless heroes, who “happened to be homosexual.” That’s another thing Haze and Franco share: identification with LGBT artists known for compulsive creation. I’ll never forget the day James saw me for the first time after I had been living in Tennessee.He stopped by my room at night to say hi and when the door opened, it was unforgettable, his jaw just dropped.Older brother of twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, who was a founding member of the Canadian sketch comedy ensemble YFG. He has done celebrity impersonations of Adam Lambert and David Bowie.

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