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The event behaviors are divided into four categories: : When a file is uploaded to a document library, it is assigned a default content type.

However, if you upload a file and then assign it a content type, for example, content type "A", the result is that you are changing the content type of the file from the default to content type "A" after it has been added to the document library.

itemupdating folder fires twice-84

This question arises from another one that I had posed on Stackoverflow.

I am using Watcher - the same issues apply to Incron - to monitor a folder and its child folders for changes and silently squirrel away those changes to Dropbox.

The problem was- when I set the value of the field and updated the item, the Item Updated and Item Updating events fired up again, and again my code updated the item and so on and so on.

I also wanted to avoid having the list item change version number following my code-update.

Similarily, I didnt want the code to show that an administrator changed the item.

I wanted it to look as if the user did the change to that field.

Therefore, any time you add a document to a document library, the : By design, Share Point Foundation raises events for all list items when the request is not bound to a content type.

This allows an event to be raised for all items when the event receiver is registered for all items in the list.

Most of the Share Point developer has faced this issue, “Custom event receiver fires twice for Item Updating and Item Updated event in Document Libraries”.

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