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At the infamous pony parties during the mid-1990s, Melissa Scott often danced topless for her future husband.

Working then as Barbie Bridges, Melissa Scott had already earned the title Miss Nude Can Am Exotic, had been photographed by Suze Randall and posed for a Penthouse spread photographed by Earl Miller.

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Trinity says it’s all untrue – and accused the Kopers of engaging in an inflammatory smear campaign to divert attention from their financial sins against Trinity.

Trinity has filed a half-dozen suits against Brittany and Michael Koper, charging them with stealing some $1.3 million during their years of employ – as well as a trove of privileged documents that they’re inserting into the court record in “dribs and drabs” in an attempt to blackmail and destroy the network.

Her suit doesn't list TBN as a defendant, but it alleges that Mrs Koper was fired and made to turn over her house, condominium, life insurance policy, car, furniture and jewelry as 'an act of Christian contrition' when she complained about the financial misdeeds at TBN.

TBN attorney Colby May called the Mc Veigh's lawsuit a 'tabloid filing' and said the allegations in both cases were 'utterly and completely contrived.' TBN suspects Mc Veigh, who claims he received a $65,000 loan from the family empire, was working with the Kopers to steal money from the ministry, Mr May said.

Continue Reading Pastor Gene Scott was no stranger to controversy.

A nationally-televised evangelist and recognized scholar in Aramaic and Hebrew, Scott swore freely on camera while quoting scripture, preached on alien conspiracies and UFOs, and showed his own videos of scantily-clad ���pony girls,��� filmed while riding Scott���s prized stallions.

You may also call Pastor Scott from any country using Skype at reduced rates.

001-800-338-3030 Sunday Service begins at 11am at Faith Center in Glendale, California and reservations are required.

If you have questions about the ministry, please start on this page and then study Pastor Scott's teaching on the site.

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