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My plan is for this thread to go waaaaaaaay off topic and branch in every direction. I think in order to set things going I probably need to ask a question (feel free to ignore it and answer something completely different): Men were once portrayed as dominant providers who demanded sex and women as the meek caring child bearers who provided men with sex to maintain the relationship.

Although completely inaccurate; at least young people had a set relationship path to aspire to in life.

I'll add more later if anyone else joins in the discussion but for now I'll leave it at that.

And btw feel free to post whatever your thoughts are on the general issue.

Catholic guilt / social taboo's is the a reason for damn near every piece of odd behaviour.7.

If you're single there's something wrong with you There's loads more that I can't remember off hand, please feel free to add your own. Sex (from my experience anyway) is not openly discussed unless we can do so with some anonymity but once we can it's all go because we're obsessed with finding out what others are up to and what we're missing out on.

The PI and AH forums always have a plentiful supply of topics regarding both men and women not being able to get a gf/bf, still being a virgins, afraid they'll end up alone etc. The media is bombarding us with sexual imagery and telling us we should all be swinging from the chandeliers in our mad sexcapades.4. Online dating is only for weirdo's who can't "get" anyone in real life.8.

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