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As a previous HTC Hero user i was waiting for an Android 2.1 update for a very long time.It seems like the european HTC Hero will finally see the update now, but i couldn’t wait and got my hands on a HTC Desire in order to find out what HTC had in store with their new HTC Sense version.

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The HTC Hero with Sense does everything Web OS can do but it uses Android, a platform that is already popular with the geekerati and has a great install base.

There wasn’t much to see in these versions – a short hands-on appears below – but you’re looking at what promises to make Android the real killed feature-phone OS: customizability with an eye on processor intensive “data linking.” The parts we saw of the OS promise contact linking, which will allow you to add social media aspects to contacts. HTC Sense™ DEBUTS on new HTC hero™ HTC Hero is the world’s first Android-based phone with a customized user interface HTC Sense to be integrated across a portfolio of phones beginning with HTC Hero LONDON – June 24, 2009 – HTC Corporation, a global designer of mobile phones, today debuted HTC Sense™, an intuitive and seamless experience that will be introduced across a portfolio of phones beginning with the new HTC Hero™.

HTC EVO 3D takes full advantage of Sprint's powerful 4G network and offers the innovation one would expect as the next benchmark device in the prestigious EVO product line.

Packed full of powerful mobile communication and multimedia features, the HTC EVO 3D has a large, vibrant 4.3 inch display for easy viewing of videos--from Sprint TV programming to HD or 3D movies captured on the dual 5-megapixel auto-focus cameras.

This is very confusing for end users like us and I had to go through a lot of trouble before I was finally able to use internet pass-through on my phone. HTC Media Link The Settings now include an option of HTC Media Link to share your photos and videos to your television. Previously I could see how much battery my screen has consumed. Probably because the screen time consumes the maximum battery power and battery usage of apps in front of screen time seemed puny.

Now it only shows how much battery was consumed by my apps. Removal of Friends Stream widget and HTC Hub Previous to update there was a widget from where I could update my status on all my social networks at once. There is another Friends Stream widget from where I can do that but it displays my entire stream on home screen itself (and thus running my data plan dry), but I don't want that. Also HTC Hub (HTC's own Android market place) has been removed. Removal of duplicate sharing options for Facebook and Twitter In HTC One X with ICS the sharing options used to display duplicate options of Facebook and Twitter, the duplicate one showing "with HTC Sense". FM Radio The FM Radio app has been updated with a new look and additional functionality moving between frequencies, adding favorites. New Keyboard HTC has updated the keyboard to include some new settings.

HTC Hero also includes a dedicated Search button that goes beyond basic search, providing you with a more natural, contextual search experience that enables you to search through Twitter, locate people in your contact list, find emails in your inbox or search in any other area in Hero.

The new Android UI will have something called “Perspectives,” a new method for connecting email, contacts, and social media automatically.

Could someone please use Astro file manager and go into their system/app/ directory and copy the Friend and ([email protected]) I am in the process of trying to port this program to the Droid Eris and The hardware seems to be the most similar, so I thought I would ask here.

If anyone could do this for me, I would greatly appreciate it, as many of the Eris users have been trying to get this working on their phones with out flashing a custom rom.

The Sprint HTC EVO APX515CKT 3D Cell Phone is for the person who wants the latest in wireless, exclusively from Sprint.

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