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В случае брака — деньги возращаю после выяснения проблемы с поставщиком.

Может, все зависит от стадии болезни. Локоид не помогает вообще. Большое значение заключают мотивация пациента, его семейные и социальные обстоятельства.

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well speaking of hatred for her father, when she was a kid she seemd to love her father deeply....above ground School Counsel. i'm pretty crook atm so i've been watching anime lol. i think i'll just get the VN lol skip the dudes voice all together x D.

i started to watch Kissnote :p first ep was hilarious af. i brought Grisaia no Kajitsu VN....watched a bit of the anime before buying it..fuck is this a dark VN lol. also brought shinmai no testament manga...really good.

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"Why does the Torah start with the creation, instead of the first commandment given to the Jewish People?

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