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Nennius's brief mention of Arthur occurs when he describes him as being the British leader who fought against the Anglo-Saxons. 493 /516 in which the Welsh/British won a decisive battle over the Saxons and Arthur died fighting (although others say this occurred at Camlann) Besides Bath, sites suggested for Mons Badonicus are Badbury Rings near Wimbourne, Dorset,and the Swindon Gap, Berkshire/Wiltshire, the latter two being hill forts reoccupied in the 400-500's Badon was important as this battle halted the Saxon advance who then withdrew for over 40 years even retro-migrating to the continent The Celtic Christian monk, Gildas in De excidio et conquestu Britanniae (The Loss & Conquest of Britain) AD 545 mentions the Battle of Badon occurring in about AD 500 (but does not mention Arthur) which in 730 Bede dated to 493. About AD 950-1000 the Annales Cambriae recorded Arthur's victory at Mt.

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Det betyr at medlemmene i en gruppe kan prøve å melde seg på for individuell påmelding hvis gruppen ikke får plass frem til den 7

Admiral har en inderlig ønske om å gi Stoltzedeltakerne en ekstra opplevelse og tilbyr både overnatting, After Stoltz og Stoltzemiddag.

The so-called bluestones of Stonehenge are from South Wales whilst crushed and cremated bone shards were recovered from the bottom of some of the bluestone holes, thus predating the bluestones and even the sarsens of Stonehenge.

The interesting fact emerging from an isotope study of the bone shards is that they originated in south west Wales.

Gildas writing during the 500-600's, and thus a possible contemporary of Arthur, mentions Medraut (Mordred) and Myrddin (Merlin) but not Arthur.

Being a member of the Christian clergy we cannot discount the possibility that Gildas, as an upholder of Christianity against the pagan invaders, was denouncing the sins of the British while promoting Christianity in Britain.

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An early form of what we now call religious propaganda, ironically much used later by the clergy during the medieval period to control morality.

The Round Table- See the latest hypothesis - Chester ampitheatre August 2012.

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