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However, there's a lot of fun to be had by partaking in the Liberty City singles scene.If you want to date girls other than Michelle and Kate, you can do that, but it involves some legwork.

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After meeting Omega in the desert, a series of glowing, pulsing Spaceship Parts appear scattered throughout San Andreas.

Tracking them down leads to the creation of a tiny spacecraft, and unlocking of the Space Docker.

Revealed via the Chilliad Mystery subreddit, this mission comes in addition to all of the other alien easter eggs and UFOs hidden in the story mode of GTA V.

The mission is a supply run for your weapons manufacturing bunker, so it is launched from the Disruption Logistics laptop in your bunker.

Shifts are rather quick but sometimes it takes a while for the Vacca to gain traction after powerful take off, resulting in the transmission hesitating to upshift.

This is a result of the vehicle using rear wheel drive instead of its sister car, the Obey 9F's four wheel drive system.Two weeks ago, Max Payne & Rockstar Games fansite webmasters were flown in from around the world for a weekend of Max Payne 3 action.Held in Rockstar's backyard of south-central Manhattan, this was the largest fansite event that the R* team has ever hosted. Everything has been marked for you 100% completion nutters: unique stunt jumps, "flying rat" locations, item pick-ups, etc.Bearing a powerful engine, the Vacca is very easy to throw around on roads at high speeds.It can curve around bends with ease and weave in and out of traffic without much effort or body roll, though some oversteer is noticeable.The rear hood vent and exhausts have some elements from the rear and sides of the Mc Laren MP4-12C.

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