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The next day I breakfast in the San Marco restaurant, surrounded by gym-clad couples who have obviously been up since 6am and not lolling in their four-posters, imagining they were in a rom-com like I have been.

Maybe you and your boo aren’t into sappy romance movies at all, and hate anything associated with the genre.

Hey, not everyone in love needs to watch other people's sappy relationships—real, fictional or otherwise—to have a good time. You can still have a romantic night with your partner or by yourself watching any other genre of movie that tickles your fancy.

When Erica’s quest puts her life in jeopardy, Lee must choose between old loyalties and a woman he never expected to fall for. In the interest of full disclosur A first rate romantic suspense debut that combines pulse pounding action with...pulse pounding romance!

There are books that grab you and then books that GRAB you. Erica and Lee are great together, and I especially liked the depth that Erica's background in archaeology added to the story. If only the author had told me why this woman is so magnificently stupid ... Again the same but, thank goodness for small favors, a little bit summarized. The basis of the suspense was super interesting and very original. But everything got buried between layers and layers of cheap drama. When I say this, I mean they follow similar real world events and each book has history event in them.

She's finally closing in on her goal, when she's distracted by a sexy, A year ago she lost everything. Life dealt her a crap hand and she's bluffing her way through just trying to survive. There were times I wanted to kick him right in the dinger.

Now she wants revenge…Accused of stealing artifacts from a five hundred year-old shipwreck, underwater archaeologist Erica Kesling is determined to clear her name. She's now toting around who she perceives to be a useless intern while gathering archeological evidence for both her job and her personal correction of past wrongs. There were a few times I wanted to knock her noggin. He'd get so mad at Erica because he knew she was lying or lying by omission, at the very least. This author a) researches her stuff before committing to paper and b) creates many twists and turns and well-developed characters. Peace A first rate romantic suspense debut that combines pulse pounding action with...pulse pounding romance!

They discover a similar sense of humour and a mutual loathing of social gatherings.

The more they chat, they more she seems perfect for him.

A medical school drop out, he has been drifting along without direction or purpose.

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