Google apps not validating mx records

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Note: Changes to your DNS records can take up to 24 hours to propagate throughout the Internet. Sign into your account at 7.

Select the domain you are using with Google Apps from the list of domains, or if you only have one domain, you will already be on the next step. Make sure you are using the Hover nameservers:ns1.hover.comns2.Edits to the DNS in your Hover account will not apply to your domain if you are not using our DNS servers.

You’re now ready to finish setting up your new G Suite account.

You’ll use MX records, provided by the G Suite Setup Wizard, to verify your domain (if you haven’t already verified) and set up Gmail as your professional email.

The MX record is set to point to a canonical hostname, such as .

This hostname is another record known as an A (address) record, which points to an IP address.

These records can be found at

hl=en Note that you shouldn't be using any other MX records as these can cause unexpected behavior.

That IP address is the server that will be handling the email for your domain. These are set into a chronological priority order, where the lowest number gets priority.

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