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The 4-bolt neck guitars and 6-bolt basses changed to serial numbers beginning with "CL".

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ABOUT THIS SECTION The information in the table and text below the horizontal bar was compiled by Paul Bechtoldt, columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, and is included in his book G&L: Leo's Legacy.

While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced through 1992, a significant change in serialization of instruments occurred in 1997, with the advent of 4-bolt neck guitars.

That motion can cause sustain to suffer in a run-of-the-mill bass, but with G&L you can count on beefy sustain thanks to Leo's advanced saddle-locking bridge concept.

No matter how you like your bass to sound, G&L has a model that will put a grin on your face.

But how would you fit a humbucker in the space of a single coil so the other positions are noise canceling too? The Legacy Special has 2 G&L Dual Blade pickups in the middle and neck position and 1 G&L Power Blade pickup (both made by Gotoh, Japan) in the bridge position to follow this idea. There is still a single volume control but as for all Legacy-models except the George Fullerton, the tone controls differ from the traditional Stratocaster.

The so-called Passive Treble and Bass (PTB) system provides you with both a treble roll-off and a bass roll-off, much like your stereo equipment, affecting all 3 pickups.

Again leave it up to Leo’s final company G&L to at least make a viable attempt in the Legacy.

The Stratocaster is well known to be a single coil guitar where the 2 in-between positions of the 5-way pickup selector would enable you to combine either neck and middle or bridge and middle pickups such that hum would be canceled.

Fully restored Alvarez Dana Scoop 1992 All original with the following upgrades: Finger board fretted with Dunlop 6150 wire. Electronics: DSR5 mid boost Read More Serial number CLF 40911 Neck pocket date: June 8, 06 Set up by Dana in November of 2009 Comes complete with original papers Never played Original G&L Cloth hard shell case and carrying strap Shipping, insurance and credit card up charge not included in price (More images coming soon) Read More S/N none found Enamel copper color, coke bottle headstock.

Excellent condition with new HSC Call for additional upgrades and pricing Read More The Specs: Neck: Dana Carved Vermont maple with African Rosewood. One piece Alder body Bridge Pick up: D Marzio Humbucker from hell: Same spec as Dana Scoop Pickup Neck Pick up: D Marzio Injector humbucking single coil size. Someone painted the top psychedelic blue, back and sides are factory original.

Below are comments made by author Paul Bechtoldt circa 1992.

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