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I’ve just received an email from Wolf over at MEO who has kindly agreed to send out some items for review.

Gigolo fuck-13

As it happens The F-Machine Gigolo Sex Machine simply plugs in once assembled, then you flick the power switch on and control the motion (speed and therefore force of the penetration) with the included wireless radio remote control.

The radio transmitter on the remote control means that the remote doesn’t have to be in sight of any LED; so when I’m on my back or front enjoying the auto fuckery I don’t have to worry about angling the remote the right way to get it to slow down or speed up.

After coveting sex machines for many years, and lusting after first this then that type, I was finally granted my dream early December 2015. The F-Machine Gigolo Sex Machine arrived fast, safely and discreetly in a plain brown outer box without mention of the contents.

I’m now the proud owner of the F-Machine Gigolo Sex Machine, a mains powered fucking machine from Inside the main postal outer was the Gigolo’s box, black glossy sturdy board with blue minimal detailing of the product name and logo.

Díky nejmodernějším technologiím Vám teď můžeme představit Vašeho nového osobního robotického šukacího GIGOLA.

Please note: Due to the weight and dimensions of this product, we are unable to ship it internationally. Clonezone introduces you to the GIGOLO Fuck Machine from F-Machine. This revolutionary, state-of-the-art piece of anal fucking gear is ideal for men who want to be pounded and dominated - either alone or with their playmate(s).

Even when you’re spent, the F-Machine Gigolo keeps on going.

Featuring a revolutionary and versatile new mono leg system and wireless remote control, the Gigolo sets a new benchmark in user-friendly, multi-angle robotic fun.

Designed to be simple yet profoundly versatile, the Gigolo is more compact and lighter duty.

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