Gemini male dating libra female

The main reason why they have existed so long is that there is a germ of truth to these stereotypes. Whether we are talking about jobs, relationships, emotions, spirituality, psychological balance, you name it.The compatibility for Gemini and Libra is extremely high because both signs do a very good job of fulfilling each other's needs.

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Libra is similar to Gemini in the need for freedom, yet will argue all the while that they don't!

Debating comes naturally to Libra (a quality that other astrological signs might find exasperating! Gemini lets Libra talk and Libra allows Gemini to express its comical side. Here are a few: Unlike the more stable and grounded earth signs (for example, Taurus or Capricorn), air signs are light as feathers (mentally speaking) that float and roam wherever they choose.

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Both have a light approach, which makes the relationship feel fresh.

This need to be sociable is like oxygen to Geminis and their freedom of movement applies to every aspect of their lives.

If a Gemini feels trapped in a relationship, he or she will quickly find a way to take flight.

Libra in Love has high standards, and is ultra sensitive to the reflection of the lover.

Both are air signs, and tend to meet the world through ideas, and even fall in love with them.

Some of these needs include: Typical Gemini's loath being tied down.

They need to be out and about, moving around, meeting new people and sharing new stories.

Gemini Woman is very sociable and Libra Man is wild.

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