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Men and women shaking hands when greeting each other is probably on the right side of the law, but as a man, don't offer to shake a woman's hand unless she extends hers first.

Indecent behaviour, which could include kissing someone on the cheek but usually isn't something to worry about for normal greeting kisses, otherwise the jails would be filled with all the French, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, South American, etc nationals that live in and visit the UAE.

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Age and social context may determine the level and details of the customs which are followed.

The age issue is clearly observable in countries that had have passed through some historical event, a war, revolution of a change in political systems, like previous satellites of the ex-USSR where there is a huge generational divide between those who grew up in the 'Communist era' and those who did not, the same is also valid to those under Fascist regimes, these deep social changes have an impact in what is deemed appropriate behavior in a society.

It’s a good idea to know what these are, so you can be aware of your behaviour in public, and not cause offence… Dress Code We are expected to dress modestly whilst in public places, so no very short shorts or skirts, try to keep your midrif covered, and refrain from wearing ‘beach’ type tops, keep them for for the beach or hotel pool, its not really acceptable to have too much cleavage on display.

You can be asked to leave a mall or public attraction if your attire is considered to be inappropriate or offensive.

Therefore, much of this article is limited to the discussion of etiquette which is peculiar to only a particular part of Europe.

While Europe contains a wide variety of social traditions, it is also (excluding Russia) relatively compact, well-traveled and urbanized compared to many other continents or cultural areas.

What is perfectly acceptable in our home country may be taken as abusive here There are some things that are forbidden in the UAE, and although these rules are for us all, certainly locals and people here of the Muslim faith are very observant of these rules.

Western expatriates, and in particular foreign tourists have been known to get into serious trouble for blatant disregard of these laws.

When actions no longer come from within, but are forced and expected, the inner gentleman dies and so does chivalry.

As we discussed in the last article, there is history behind gentleman etiquette. He stands when she walks in the room In the old days, men stood out of respect when a lady, dignitary, or elderly person walked in the room. Today, men stand out of courtesy when a guest visits a meeting.

Here, girls in T-shirts (their shoulders covered out of respect and as a remedy against the freezing AC blasts) tote the latest Louis Vuittons.

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