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Like washing your hands and brushing your teeth, a little 'cyber hygiene' can go a long way toward preventing disaster Do so, and the phone wipes itself clean after 10 failed attempts.But the 10 attempts apply to your guesses, too, if you forget your passcode, or if your kids start randomly punching in numbers. The government hack of an i Phone used by a San Bernardino killer serves as a reminder that phones and other electronic devices aren't impenetrable vaults.

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The phone belonged to Syed Farook, pictured with his wife Tashfeen, who shot dead 14 people at a Christmas party in December in the Californian city Whats App recently announced a major plan to keep conversations protected.

The app is now equipped with 'end-to-end' encryption for every user.

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All hunters should strive to make ethical decisions even when a buck of a lifetime is in range.

Category: Dating Games Description: Galaxy Angel is a dating game that takes place far off in the future and in space.

After a period of hibernation, you are rescued from your spaceship and wake up aboard the Angel Base, a spaceship filled with beautiful women.

Galaxy Angel Sim Date RPG Cheat Codes: ------------ Update by: Seerch Submitted by: RM Enter the following codes at the cheat menu.

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