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It works if using 3.5mm output as the input to the Mono (for example, playing a video on phone and connecting it to a speaker using this cable would cause the sound to play from the speaker). It is a great, functional cable with many other possible uses as well.

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As the leading supplier of analog and digital connectivity solutions to the musical instrument, broadcast, theater, and professional audio/ video industries, our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the demands of today’s professional.

I specifically bought this to connect my KLIPSCH 10" Subwoofer to my Presonus Ceres C3.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers.

With T&S electronic faucets, you never need to touch the faucet and the impurities you bring to the sink won’t come back to haunt you after you have finished washing.

In fact in these environment and many more, there is not a more useful tool than an electronic faucet.

I have used these with no problem running out (1/8th" stereo) from an iphone/mp3 player into the 1/4" mono input on a mixer as well as for running out from a computer into a DI box.

Summing the left/right signals with these cables has not damaged or burned out any devices But the experts (and the people who sell expensive fixes) say don't ever do this.

In the end I got a Switchcraft SC700ct just to be sure I'm not on the hook for damages from someone who might claim I hooked their phone or computer up to the system improperly.

You can find my review for that item at I do still use this to run a mono aux signal into the 1/8th stereo input on a lepai amp. First off, I have ordered Hosa products in the past and have been very satisfied.

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