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A group of students used Woebot every day, and found that their anxiety and depression levels went down considerably.

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I’m talking about a true Machine Learning-oriented chatbot that is basically a replica of you.

A well-built, powerful, and robust clone of a CEO, Entrepreneur and Marketer.

Brands including e Bay, Taco Bell and 1-800- Flowers are early adopters of the automated systems, which can also collect consumer data for more personalized marketing, helping to take the strain off customer-facing employees.

Even older legacy players including Macy's are experimenting with the feature, which holds the promise of better engagement and, of course, added sales.

The Ultimate Social Networks for Business Marketing (PART 2) #10.

The Ultimate Social Networks for Business Marketing (PART 1) #9.

Woebot Labs has created chatbots that people can turn to in times of emotional turmoil.

The "Woebot" engages the user with cognitive behavioral therapy, asking them how they’re feeling, and sending videos they can watch that can help, The Woebot website offers users a free session. And the occasional dorky joke.”There are also several other chatbots that offer a variety of communication options: Wysa provides help over the phone while Joy gives support through Facebook Messenger.

The “future” is impressive, but it is also very scary and extremely competitive as you’re about to see next.

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